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Living as a Digital Nomad:

Some say it's the balcony of the century

A global trend that has been changing our relationship with work has now arrived in Rio .  


Rio is now part of a global movement that is revolutionizing the way we relate to our work: digital nomadism. That is, one that, once connected, no longer needs a fixed place to work and live. More than a new way of working, this lifestyle is the future desired by many people. And it allows you to carry out your professional tasks while traveling the world, for example. You see: it doesn't mean traveling all the time, but having autonomy over your work and time, to do it wherever you want. We are talking about freedom: this is the key word in the culture of digital nomadism.  


With the pandemic, remote work became a reality and, at first, the home office was the solution adopted by most companies and professionals. But, little by little, it was realized that the makeshift home office can be transferred to any place where you can take your notebook and cell phone. And, of course, have a quality internet connection. In the world - during and after Covid -, the worker takes the office wherever he wants. But this deconstruction, which presents this different paradigm of how to perform our functions, is only possible thanks to the internet and technology. This powerful duo allows not only a new model of work, but also of life. With complete independence.  


Aware of this phenomenon, cities of all types - from Lisbon to Chiang Mai, in Thailand, through Playa del Carmen, in Mexico, and Tibilisi, the capital of Georgia -, are already formed poles of digital nomadism. They already have real colonies established, giving, let's say, a kind of "visa" for a new moment in the entire structure, economy and professional - and personal - relationships, in the places where this movement exists. There are those who guarantee that Digital Nomadism is the breakthrough of the century. So, buckle up your bags and...Next stop, Rio!


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