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I don't know if I'm a digital nomad. How can I be sure?

A digital nomad is a person who has the ability to work remotely from the computer and has geographic freedom to carry out his duties and businesses anywhere in the world. Digital nomad is, therefore, one who, connected, may not have a fixed place to even work. In other words, technology and connectivity through the internet allow the continuity and efficiency of remote work. Anyone can become a digital nomad, regardless of age, profession and marital status.

What are the advantages of being a digital nomad in Rio?


We can list many as the cost of living, a vibrant, optimistic and fun culture; beach and mountain activities and entertainment in abundance, city integrated through means of transport, ease of creating "bonds", communicative and friendly people, climate, opportunity to be in contact with nature, being in the city, local culture, being a mix of cultures, carnival, New Year's;

How do I book hotels and hostels?


​Directly on the home page of the establishments or through your Travel Agent. Consult our section of hotels associated with special long stay rates.


​How do I book or join coworking partners?


​Directly on the home page of the establishments. We present on this site a list of coworkings that are with open arms to welcome you, remote worker.


​What is the best way of getting around?


Rio de Janeiro has in its transport structure: bus, train, subway, ferries, BRT, VLT. It is worth checking where you will settle, and if there is proximity to access to means of transport. Urban mobility makes it easier for you to get around the city.

For better information, follow the websites of the main companies:


Metro Rio:





CCR Barcas:


What is the best time of year to go to Rio?


The climate of the city of Rio de Janeiro is Tropical Atlantic or Tropical Litorâneo. Its main characteristics are: hot and humid. The hottest month of the year is February, with an average temperature of 27ºC. Throughout the year, July has an average temperature of 20.1ºC. It is the lowest average temperature of the year.

What are the main communities of digital nomads in Rio?


​Digital Nomads Facebook and Instagram.




Where can I find information about visitor attractions in Rio?


To find out about places to visit, where to eat, main activities, just visit the website and discover the main tourist, gastronomic and leisure attractions available in the city of Rio de Janeiro.


How is Rio cuisine?

We can highlight the feijoada, steak with fries, minced meat, Oswaldo Aranha filet, French toast, broth, roast chicken, globe biscuit and mate, brigadeiro.


How is the internet in Rio?

According to the website Melhor Plano, there is the general Satisfaction Indicator, which goes from 0 as totally dissatisfied, to 10 as totally satisfied, the best providers have 7.42 as the highest indicator, 7.75 as broadband speed, 7 .20 in fixed internet stability, 7.69 in broadband availability, 7.24 in customer service. According to the data, the internet is good, and we emphasize that where there is fiber optics, the internet ends up being better. The hosting facilities and co-workers partners also have wi-fi available for their guests. Access and learn more:


How do I access updated information about restrictions due to Covid-19?


Through the City Hall website you have access to laws, decrees and resolutions and also to the Rio Covid Panel, which updates on the numbers of the pandemic, vaccination etc.


Is Rio safe?


Just like any other big city, problems with security issues can arise. One of the highlights of Rio being always in the media is that it is the largest tourist city in the country, in addition to being the headquarters of the largest television station in Brazil. This gains an even greater proportion. Rio is not even within the 15 most violent capitals in Brazil. The tourist area of ​​Rio is basically concentrated in the city's fringe districts, which go from the center to Barra, corresponding to less than 10% of the city's total area. When adverse situations happen, the perception of those out of town is to think that everything happens in this area, wrongly influenced by the news.

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