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Pôr do sol e futebol

Experiences that only Rio can provide

Experiences that only Rio can provide.  


The foot in the sand, the dip in the sea, the contact with nature —  we have the Tijuca Forest, the largest urban forest in the world — make Rio the ideal place for this new way of dealing with professional life. And the staff too. Transformed into a center for Digital Nomads, we are for those who want to free themselves from the traditional way of working, here the working hours are confused with free time. And that doesn't mean reducing the pace of productivity, quite the opposite. After all, to be creative, the human mind needs to be free.


Far beyond Christ the Redeemer, Copacabana Beach and Sugarloaf Mountain, Rio outside the traditional spotlight is even more attractive. Also because the 'carioca way of life' experience is not just about things, tourist attractions and the like. Once a nomad in the city, it's easy to see: the best thing about Rio is the carioca. We are talking about connections, sensations. Regardless of the lush landscape, what enchants here is the welcoming and relaxed spirit of our people.


In Rio, drinking while standing on the street - even if the bar is empty, with extra chairs -, taking a hose bath on the slab or clapping for the sunset on the beach are more than simple programs, they are a state of mind. Being a carioca is for anyone, even if you weren't born in Rio. The city that welcomes everyone, without distinction, awaits you with arms more open than those of Christ the Redeemer. And with much more to offer than just beautiful sights.


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