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Partner Coworking Offices

Coworking offices are essential in order to establish an ecosystem to digital nomads. Each coworking has its own environment. From smaller spaces in hotels, entire floors in certain buildings and even adapted houses, socializing and exchanging ideas in a mixed work environment is key to effective networking with the local community. 

In case you choose a coworking with a community manager, this professional has a fundamental role in the approach between digital nomads and their peers, promoting social events, lectures and happy hours, encouraging the participation of freelancers, entrepreneurs and digital nomads.

How does it work?
Contact directly the chosen coworking to get info about specific rates and benefits for digital nomads.


Wework_Barra 2.jpg


The coworking space in Barra da Tijuca is a professional paradise, with four floors and access to the exclusive terrace. Transport to the site is very convenient, with Jardim Oceânico metro station just a few minutes' walk away and parking available nearby.

Wework_Carioca 2.jpg

Center | Rio de Janeiro

Here, doing work with joy is something natural. Whether relaxing in a lounge, brainstorming in a meeting room, or developing the products of a project in a Private Office, this location has a variety of workstations and spaces as dynamic as you and your team. Located two blocks from the Carioca subway.

Wework_Bossa Nova Mall 1.jpg

Center | Bossa Nova Mall

Located in a modern commercial area next to Santos Dumont Airport, WeWork's commercial rooms and coworking spaces in downtown Rio de Janeiro are the ideal environment for success. With four floors in Bossa Nova Mall, this vibrant workspace has been thoughtfully designed with you in mind. Getting around is simple, with on-site parking and several public transport options nearby.


Regus Bolsa de Valores 2.jpg

Center | stock Exchange

There are 64 private offices and 4 meeting rooms, open 24 hours a day for members.

Passeio Corporate 2.jpg

Center | corporate tour

Panoramic views in an impressive space with 96 private offices, 12 coworking desks and 4 meeting rooms.

Regus_ Teleporto 1.jpg

Center | Teleport Business Center

Office spaces with natural light and awe-inspiring views. In all, 60 private offices and 5 coworking tables.

Regus Edifício Mourisco 1.jpg

Botafogo | Moorish Building

With a great location and easy access, it has 73 private offices, 16 coworking tables and 4 meeting rooms.

Regus Edifício Pasteur 1.jpg

urca  | Pasteur Building

An exquisite setting, close to large multinationals and with 84 private offices, 8 coworking tables and 4 meeting rooms.

Regus Galria Sulamerica 1.jpg

Center | Sulamerica Gallery

In this building, which has energy-efficient technology, there are 79 private offices, 31 coworking tables and 5 meeting rooms.

Ventura Corporate Towers 2.jpg

Center | Ventura Corporate Towers

Efficient water and energy systems make it an eco-friendly skyscraper with 75 private offices and 8 coworking desks.

Edifício Manchete 2.jpeg

glory | Headline Building

Well-equipped workspace, with a terrace cafeteria with incredible views. There are 53 private offices and 12 coworking tables.

Regus Torre Rio Sul 1.jpeg

Botafogo | Rio Sul Tower

Incredible view in one of the most traditional commercial buildings in the city, it has 44 private offices and 4 meeting rooms.

Regus o2 Corporate 1.jpeg

Bar | O2 Corporate

Prestigious address in an important business hub, with 54 offices, 6 coworking tables and 3 meeting rooms.

Rio Branco 115_2.jpg

Center | White River

Here you work in the midst of the largest offices in the city.  There are 74 private offices, 12 coworking tables and 4 meeting rooms.

Edifício Vargas 1.jpg

Center | Vargas Building

Great location with excellent transport connections. There are 86 offices, 4 coworking tables and 4 meeting rooms.

Regus Edifício Argentina 1.jpg

Botafogo | Argentina Building

In a prestigious business address, with spectacular views, it is spacious and has 52 private offices and 26 coworking desks.

Lagoa Corporate 2.jpeg

humaita  | Lagoa Corporate Building

It is the ideal base for doing business, easy access to the Center and the airport. It has 42 private offices, 6 coworking tables and 4 meeting rooms


Spaces_Cinelandia Teatro Riachuelo 1.jpg

Center | Cinelândia Teatro Riachuelo

Historic building with modern workspace, with  47 private offices, 59 coworking tables and 4 meeting rooms.

Spaces Ipanema 1.jpeg


Its purpose is to bring people together in a thriving business community, it occupies an entire building with 107 offices, 14 coworking tables and 4 meeting rooms.



Leblon | Hub 2

English: In this unit of the Hub Coworking franchise, the rooms are very spacious, there is a lounge on the terrace, located in a prime address in the Leblon neighborhood. With two floors and exclusive meeting rooms. The ideal place for those who are looking for tranquility when working.

hub 5.jpg

Leblon  | Hub 5

The biggest unit of the Hub, located in General Artigas. Space for meetings between team workers, a space for a lecture with up to 24 seats, common spaces and an incredible view. A very accessible and practical address for those who are in Ipanema and Leblon.

hub 8.jpg

Leblon  | Hub 8

Hub 8 has both shared and meeting rooms, a common space and a private meeting room. Located close to Leblon's shops, beaches and main hotels. It is a well located address.


Leblon  | Hub 3

Big rooms and made for big teams or for work alone. Accommodates 10 people in meeting rooms. Spacious and well ventilated. Located in the heart of Ipanema. Great for those who are in the South Zone and want something more reserved to work.

hub 6.jpg

Leblon  | Hub 6

In this unit, it focuses more on meeting rooms or rooms for a group of people. Space for brainstorming or meetings via call or in person. With a place to relax and enjoy a good coffee, with a collaborative kitchen for customers.

hub 4.jpg

Leblon  | Hub 4

One of the most modern environments in the franchise, spacious, with rooms for individual meetings or just a few people. This unit has a more private and cozy style.  Something more reserved to work alone and concentrated.

hub 7.jpg

Leblon  | Hub 7

This sea front unit brings a common environment with several computers available for use. A meeting table or to be shared. This unit also has a collaborative kitchen for customers to use and also enjoy a good coffee.


Nex Coworking Rio.jpeg

Nex Coworking Rio

Elected a 5-star coworking space by the popular BeerOrCoffee community, it has 77 seats and is ideal for those who want to network. 

Moove Coworking.jpeg

Moove Coworking

Calm and welcoming, the place captivates its customers and, despite having only 6 seats, it is very spacious.


One O One  Grajaú

A shared office space location. Tables and meeting rooms to be shared. The company seeks to bring the three pillars of sustainability to its office (Economic, Environmental and Social). A different style but everything a coworking needs to have.



Another 5-star coworking space right in the center of Rio. With 32 seats, it's designed for you to just worry about your business.

Delta Business Coworking.jpeg

Delta Business Coworking

Practical and with great access, you can get there by tram and subway. It has 10 spaces, in addition to an exclusive room for meetings.

Studio at AQWA Coworking.jpg

Studio at AQWA Coworking

Ideal for those who are in the Santo Cristo region and want to work in a spacious and comfortable place. It has accessibility in common areas.

WhatsApp Image 2021-05-05 at

Coworking Arpoador

Work from a charming village house, with all the structure. Between Copacabana and Ipanema, next to the Gal subway station. Osório, with shared rooms and special packages for private rooms. In addition to an outdoor area that can be used for meetings or for that late afternoon toast.

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