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Fotografando o pôr do sol

Rio: the capital of digital nomadism in South America

In your digital nomad experience in Rio de Janeiro, you are not a tourist, but our guest . 

Aware of the phenomenon of Digital Nomadism, Rio is preparing a series of actions to attract guests from all over the world, from a simple weekend to the long stay regime. Among the initiatives, the elaboration of a bilingual manual (Portuguese and English), with all the necessary information during the stay in the city, strategic partnerships with companies that provide essential services to nomads - coworkings, telephone companies, hotels and hostels, restaurants, bars and etc. . The objective is, in the medium term, to transform Rio into the new national and international hub of digital nomads. Our beaches can attract visitors before and after work. And even during: why not work remotely, for example, from the edge of Leblon, carrying out your professional tasks, two steps away from a dive? Our bars and restaurants are available throughout the day, in addition to the most famous postcards in the world, just a few minutes from your “new home”.  


In your digital nomad experience in Rio, you are not just a tourist, but our guest. And all this while maintaining his career, earning money and following his routine - or even lack of it -, in a different way: imbued with the spirit of the Marvelous City. Instead of spending just that weekend or holiday in Rio de Janeiro, you can stay for a month, two, three or as many times as you want. Who knows, maybe even live here. But once you stay in a hotel, hostel, rented apartment or even a friend's or family member's house, you can be sure that the culture of Digital Nomadism will make you experience an authentic place. Anyone who thinks that the project is just an emergency plan for the ailing carioca tourism industry, which is suffering unprecedented losses due to the pandemic, is wrong. But yes, promoting global change, the great trend of this decade. After all, it is not today that we realize that we no longer need to move to a fixed work environment every day. The barriers imposed by the cubicles and walls of the offices resigned, in most cases they no longer make sense. And, from this moment on, working and living traveling to the four corners of the globe is a possible and real world trend. And Rio works to become the main hub of digital nomadism in Latin America. 

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