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Parceiros de negócio no trabalho


We created this special space to facilitate your work and answer any questions you may have regarding our project. Now that you are a part of it, we have some suggestions for meeting the needs of the new range of guests at your disposal. In addition to offering a special long-stay rate from 15 days of stay and free high-speed internet connection with a minimum of 30 Mbps, there are many other important factors to prepare for a fruitful relationship with our Digital Nomads. Here is the suggestion manual for your checklist:



For Partner Hotels and Hostels, it is suggested:

  • Mainly train the Reception and Reservation departments: your employees need to know who the digital nomads are, what the project is and what are the exclusivities and facilities that the establishment  offers.

  • Grant discounts on laundry, as the person will need to use the service frequently.

  • Make the rate more flexible through an option to opt out of breakfast.

For Partner Coworkings, it is suggested:

  • Train your employees so that they know who the digital nomads are, what the project is and what are the exclusivity and facilities that the establishment offers.

For Partner Malls, it is suggested:

  • Instruct the Shopkeepers Association to educate the shops about the project and suggest exclusive offers to digital nomads.

  • In addition to the benefits mentioned above, it is worth mentioning discounts for meals and coffee in stores within its premises.


Nômade Digital will register you on our website to participate in the program and will receive an automatic email confirming your inclusion. This e-mail will be presented so that you can enjoy the benefits of the program.

See the example:


For more program information

Digital Nomads River,  click on the image and download our folder.

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