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The global change in behavior we are experiencing allows us to choose new ways of working. As 2020 showed us, several jobs can be done remotely. For those who are already at home office, it is the chance to spend a season in Rio ... with your notebook ... and as a carioca.


A nomad is one who does not have a fixed residence. Therefore, a digital nomad is one that once connected, may not have a fixed place, even to work. Technology and connectivity allow the flow and efficiency of remote work being anywhere in the world.

The first stage of this process was the dissemination of the home office. If the company you work for no longer has a fixed office, why not bring your notebook and cell phone and come to work remotely from Rio for a while?


In this new era of digitalization, it is easier to break the work routine in your home city and live the lifestyle of Rio for as long as you wish. With more freedom, stimulating creativity and in a healthier way.


Imagine walking the beachfront in the morning before your first virtual meeting. When finishing your tasks at the hotel or coworking, the question is to go for a bike ride in the Lagoon or watch the sunset at a kiosk.


New ways to travel will emerge from now on. Why not extend a week of vacation in Rio for a month, mixing work, leisure and quality of life?


Rio is your new scenario.

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