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Partner Malls

The partner malls come in as aggregators and supporters of the project, as in addition to many of them having coworking spaces and meeting rooms, they have a set of retail establishments selling different consumer goods, in addition to providing services and leisure, constituting in a large commercial area. ​

Check out the details of each mall on our ever-growing list and choose the perfect place for you to work like a carioca for as long as you like.

Shopping Leblon.jpg

Shopping Leblon

Shopping Leblon brings elegance to one of the city's best-known neighborhoods. The shopping center offers a varied portfolio of shops, gastronomy and numerous services. The gastronomy space overlooks two major points of the Marvelous City - Corcovado and Christ the Redeemer. One of the best known and most acclaimed malls in Rio de Janeiro.


Carioca Shopping

Built on the land where the former Standard Elétrica Factory operated in the 1960s, the project enhanced its surroundings and brought fashion, leisure and gastronomy options to the North Zone. Carioca Shopping is the largest commercial complex in the Vila da Penha region: multi-use, modern and comfortable, with free Wi-Fi and more than 200 stores.

Barra Shopping.jpg


Located in the heart of Barra da Tijuca, BarraShopping was opened in 1981 and is considered the largest center of commerce and services in the country. The mall, integrated with the NewYorkCityCenter and Centro Empresarial BarraShopping, has already been elected 11 consecutive times as the favorite of cariocas by the newspaper O Globo.  There are about 5,200 parking spaces and more than 700 stores including services, leisure, restaurants, clothing, stationery, medical centers and others. The entire infrastructure of the complex works in harmony with contemporary architecture - exploring wide corridors, natural lighting and landscaping, making its gardens and indoor areas pleasant and inviting.

A97A9263 (1).jpg

Shopping Nova America

The main source of entertainment and consumption in the North Zone of the city of Rio de Janeiro, Shopping Nova América is the largest multipurpose complex in the city with three office towers, three corporate slabs, a gym and two hotels with more than 420 rooms. The complex also has a University, four banks, a diagnostic and imaging clinic, a laboratory, a popular clinic, a lottery, a post office and beauty and wellness services.


Madureira Shopping

Capital of the Carioca suburb, Madureira exudes culture, identity and originality, with icons such as its samba schools Portela and Império Serrano, the Baile Charme do Viaduto, Parque Madureira and, of course, its intense commerce.

  The project combines comfort, convenience and leisure, actively participating in the lives of the 45,000 customers who pass through its corridors every day.

Located on Estrada do Portela, in the center of high street shopping in the neighborhood, the mall offers several options of stores, food and services designed to meet all the needs of residents in a single place.


shopping mall

With more than 140 stores, a market, 13 restaurant options, Recreio Shopping is one of the best known in the West Zone of Rio - one of the fastest growing areas both commercially and residentially. In partnership with Casa com Pallet, it offers a coworking space open to all audiences and aims to encourage the development of the creative economy, offering comfort with sustainable furniture, quality infrastructure, Wi-Fi, a place to recharge energy and even exchange ideas and books.

amazing space for coworking, is part of Ramada Hotel, which has 192 bedrooms and 8 rooms for lecture and convention centers.

passeio shopping.jpg

Shopping tour

Passeio Shopping is located next to the bus and train stations, and is today a safe and comfortable point of commerce in the West Zone of Rio, standing out for its differentiated customer service. Campo Grande is one of the largest neighborhoods in Rio de Janeiro, and has one of the best Human Development Indexes in the West Zone. The mall has more than 80 stores, in addition to 2 meeting rooms.


Village Mall

Opened in 2012, VillageMall has a mix that mixes international brands and big names in national retail focused on the luxury market. A mall with a unique concept, exclusive services and unprecedented operations in the city, such as the first Apple Store in Latin America. In terms of gastronomy, a list of renowned restaurants and cafes ideal for a well-deserved break in the day, a meeting or videoconference. It is also possible to request a cell phone charger loan at SAC.  Certainly a space that brings together elegance and comfort in one place.

WhatsApp Image 2021-09-08 at 11.21.37.jpeg

Botafogo Praia Shopping

​Imagine a place with a varied mix of shopping, food and services. Add breathtaking views to the most beautiful postcard in the city and add charm and convenience. This is Botafogo Praia Shopping, which for over 20 years has enchanted locals and tourists who come to Botafogo, one of the most traditional neighborhoods in the city. Since 1999 being part of the carioca routine. The mall has a complete mix that caters to a qualified public, composed of executives and professionals from companies in its surroundings, as well as families and residents of the region.

via parque.jpg

Via Parque Shopping

Via Parque Shopping brings comfort, entertainment, shops, service and Coworking space, all in one place. Located in Barra da Tijuca, the mall appeals to different tastes and people. Altogether, there are more than 170 stores, 13 gastronomy options and a variety of extra services.

Imagem Sobre Mobile.png

Bangu Shopping

The history of Bangu Shopping is inherent to the neighborhood's history, especially that of the Bangu Fabric Factory. In 2000, the factory building is listed by the Instituto Rio Heritage Site, thus showing its importance, not only for the neighborhood of Bangu but also for the city of RJ. At the mall there are more than 230 stores.

park shopping.jpg


Inaugurated in 2012 with a unique and innovative project to enhance the West Zone, ParkShoppingCampoGrande arrived with the proposal to bring more quality of life to the region. With more than 280 stores, cinemas, restaurants and around 2,100 parking spaces, the mall also has a gastronomic complex in the outdoor area, privileged by a lake with an illuminated fountain and a food court surrounded by greenery.

shopping boulevard.jpg

Shopping Boulevard

Since 1996, Shopping Boulevard is the first mall that brings entertainment to the Vila Isabel region. Shopping Boulevard is an award-winning architectural icon, 180 stores, more than 750,000 consumers per month and much more! With new ideas and innovations for the mall to be more requested by its consumers!

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